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Sunday, February 21, 2016


Hi guys, Today I am so bored think about something I should post comment down bellow.

Friday, January 22, 2016


  1. So I been doing gymnastics and dance for two years now but I should in started when 4  
  2. I have a girly side My other side is sporty competitive, gymnastics, dance, ice skating, basketball,football and soccer
  3. I do hip hop,ballet and lyrical
  4. my favorite colors pink, blue, red,violet and black
  5. I have 3 sisters (Step sister 15) Ariel (10) Emily (8) Ashley
  6. my favorite places to eat is Chipotle, 3 margaritas, a pizza place, Chick Fil A and a  Washington Park restaurants
  7. I'm scared of bugs,ladybugs,Pet sunny, speaking in public, singing in public, and roller coasters
  8. I have three stepbrother is Dylan (11) and Copper (6)Recce(16)
  9. I love Dancing in public with Dylan
  10. Vines
  11. I love fam friends
  12. I am a huge fan of Jacob Sartorius,bruhitszach and Cameron Dallas
  13. I use life hacks a lot
  14. I love football, soccer, baseball, and lacrosse
  15.  I collect handsizer, Lotion, Perfume, and necklaces
  16. I love DIYS and crafts
  17. Lastly  Love having fun

My doing a Q&A with my “Friend” (BF) bey
oxo ~ Amy

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Me after phone about to die


Summer 2014

Me and Sister

My Fav high schoolTo Jayden

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ask Me ≧◡≦

Hey guys so I asked you guys to ask me any question so I can answer so here they are.
  1. Fav Song: Love Yourself, 679, Jumpman, Hello, Hotline Bling, Sorry, Confident, Dessert, Drag Me Down, My House, and more ( all Justin B songs!?!)
  2. Fav Food: Chiplote, dads food, and Bennett (bbq)
  3. Fav Animal: Monkey, Bear, Dolphin, Wolf, Bunny and bird
  4. Fav Place: Mall, Dads, Moms, school?!? and more
  5. Fav Snack: Chips, Fruit Snacks, Fruit, Nutri-Grain and Popcorn 
  6. Fav vacation place: Hawaii, Mexico, Florida and California 
  7. Nickname: When I was little my mom called me Mimi and she still dose. 
  8. Do I have a crush: Well I am Dating Jayden right now
  9. Fav Movie: Furious 7 and Elf 
  10. Fav TV Show: Dance Moms 
  11. Do I Miss My Ex: !!No!! 
  12. Girl I trust: Mom, Tae Tae, Ariel and Becky  
  13. Boy I trust: Missael, Jayden, Dad,Dylan and Recce
  14. Best Friends: Becky Avery Lyndsie and Tae Tae
  15. Fear: I am weird I am scared of mostly everything ladybugs and more